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Bridal Trials ?

Do I have to book a trial?

No, not necessarily! But I do highly recommend to. If time and distance are an issue, a trial is not always required.

How far in advance should I book a trial?

I recommend a time frame of at least 4-6 weeks ahead of your date. If you are taking bridal portraits, I like to schedule the consultation 2-3 weeks before those.

What happens at a trial?

Your trial is all about communication, so I really appreciate my brides honesty and feedback. I strive to make sure you are happy with every aspect of your makeup so please definitely feel free to tell me exactly what you think! I always ask a lot of questions to make sure we share the same vision. I love to hear about all the details of your wedding! It really helps me to focus on your specific style. I take you through the makeup application process and answer any and all of your questions. I want you to feel 100% comfortable in your skin when you leave my chair. 

What do I need to bring to my trial?

Please bring bridal makeup photos to your trial, that way we can collaborate and decide together what works best for you. Also, try to wear wear white! Makeup can look totally different based on what you are wearing so wear a top close to your dress color. If you have a veil or any other accessories, I recommend bringing them along as well so that you can see how everything comes together!

Ok I want to book! What now?

Great! The process to secure your wedding date is easy! Please fill out "Request a

Quote" section on my website and have the number of services and your projected finish time before you sign your contract. Please communicate with your bridal party ahead of time.

Bridal Fees ?

What is included in the bridal fee? 

Everything from skin care to lashes. I am a completely on-location makeup artist, so I bring my kit, chair and even lighting!

I spend the most time with my brides communicating before the wedding. I also take the most time on your makeup, 75 minutes. Every product I use is waterproof or water resistant and has been industry-level tested for photography compatibility. The airbrush formula I use has 18+ hour longevity, so your makeup will easily last through your special event! I focus on helping you to relax and make you feel the most beautiful on your big day!

Do I need to bring any product? Do you have a color to match my skin?

My kit is fully stocked with everything you can imagine. I make sure that I always carry the perfect color to fit global skin tones.

I've never had my makeup done before! What's the process?

I start with the most important part, skin prep! Any color correcting or concealing is done and then I perfect the skin with airbrush foundation. I make sure your skin is completely set and then I usually move onto making your eyes pop, including mascara and lashes. Next I define your cheekbones. Lips are always the last finishing touches and a spritz of setting spray for a little insurance. I always ask if you want me to make any changes before you leave my chair so we both are happy with the results!

Bridal Parties ?

Do you have a minimum requirement?

No I don't, but please note that there are no “on location” jobs for makeup unless there are 4 or more (including bride) people needing services. If it’s 3 or less people (including bride), services will only be performed in studio only. ​

What if I don't have a bridal party? 

Even if you are not having a bridal party consider including wedding guests, family members or friends. Also, gifting services to your mother, your groom's mother or grandmother is always a kind and thoughtful gesture. For Bridal Only Makeup, I require you to come to my studio. 

How many services can you accommodate?

I can accommodate as many as time allows. If you have a large party, I can bring an additional makeup artist for an additional fee. It depends on the timeline of the day, and what time the ceremony begins.

Do you have an age limit? What about flower girls and junior bridesmaids?

I do not have an age limit, but I take into consideration the age of my client and adjust the amount of product accordingly. 

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